About Shellback Interiors - Marine Interior Construction
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About Us

Meet the Shellback Crew

A tight knit team of marine interior professionals

Shellbacks team of managers, superintendents, carpenters, subcontractors, and personnel down the line are a tight nit family than works together as a team with the goal of satisfying our customer and finishing on time. Our crew has worked together for years on hundreds of projects and can be counted on when times are tough and schedules are tight. Our positive attitude is reflected in our work and willingness to always go above and beyond our contractual obligations. Shellback is the team that can be counted on when under the gun.

Shellback Interiors Team of Marine Interior Construction Contractors

Ken Carpenter

Owner/Operations Manager

A native of Oregon, Ken started working in the marine industry as a teenager at a ski boat manufacturing plant.  He has been in the marine interior remodeling business since 2002 and worked his way from a Carpenter to Vice President before founding Shellback Interiors in 2012.  He now oversees day to day operations, estimating, and job planning.


Kristina Carpenter

Owner/Financial Manager

Having grown up in the marine interior industry Kristina installed her first set of curtains on board a vessel at the age of 10. She has many years of experience in with planning, crew hiring, payroll, budgets, and logistics within the marine industry. She now focus’s most of her time in the accounting department at Shellback using her degrees in Accounting and Business Management.


Shawn Goheen

Owner/Production Manager

Shawn has an extensive background in cabinet production and installation, and successfully ran his own custom cabinet business before getting into the marine market in 2008. He now oversees all aspects of production as well as planning and outfitting installation teams for success in the field.

Ship Dining Room Remodel by Shellback Interiors


We are ready and willing to work on all types and sizes of projects whether you need a cabinet repaired on an old vessel or the entire interior package on a new one.

  • Custom made marine furniture, cabinetry, and trims
  • Provision and installation of joiner systems; including floating floors, bulkheads, ceilings, doors, wet spaces, trims, and accessories
  • Overall layout and design assistance with accommodation, mess, galley, pilot houses, and public spaces
  • Installation teams of managers, carpenters, joiners, welders, laborers, and decorators ready to travel
  • Ability to serve markets across the US and worldwide
  • Short time-line production and execution
  • New construction and refits

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